We moved to Brazil!

by | Mar 2, 2020 | Blog

Beach, good food, and lots of welcoming hugs. We moved to Brazil! 

A week of goodbyes

I can’t believe time passed by the way it did. Before I could even blink properly, it was already 23 February. The last week in the Netherlands was all about saying goodbye. My family and friends organised a surprise party that was filled with amazing cake and a lot of Dutch games. We also went to an escape room (not unimportant; we escaped!). During my last Zumba class, I made a lot of Brazilian snacks and we danced till we could no more. Every time I knew it would be the last time I would see a friend or family member in a while, I would cry my eye balls out. This last week was fun, emotional and one food cheat day after the other.  

The last hours in the Netherlands

We had a check-in allowance of 6 suitcases and we needed all that space. Our whole life ended up in those suitcases. I’m quite proud of myself to be able to narrow down all my clothes and shoes so it would fit 2 suitcases. The rest is gear, electronics and things that are too expensive to buy new in Brazil. My parents were super sweet to take all our luggage in the car to the hotel, so we didn’t have to struggle in the train. This last month made me really realise that I have amazing friends and family. They are there when needed and make you smile when you feel too overwhelmed. I will always appreciate their help and love. 

On 23 February we stayed in the CitizenM Hotel, super close to the airport. This hotel is super high-tech and the rooms are funny looking and comfortable. We slept early, because we had to wake up at 3:30.  The flight was comfortable and it went quite smooth. We were


First week in Brazil 

The first week in Brazil has been a blast. We started in Curitiba with Jairo’s sister Renata and her husband Leonardo and Jairo’s mother Idalete. They were all at the airport to welcome us to our new home. We were tired, but they gave so much energy that we still felt like having a late-night dinner. I remembered the food in Brazil is amazing, but I forgot how amazing it actually was until I took the first few bites. So much flavour, so much different sensations. Nothing compares. 

Two days after arrival we went to Itajaí, where Idalete lives. We went to see his family and friends. The most relaxing place on earth is at the house of Willian and Tati. That house is surrounded by trees, animals and love. We spend the whole Saturday at their place and ate wayyyy too much food. But who can say no to good food?? In Brazil they eat dinner late, but have a ‘cafezinho’ around 17:00. We ate bread stuffed with sausage, cheese and ham; homemade pudding and cocos cake. I’m trying to eat plant-based at home, but I’ll eat whatever people give me and this was just to good not to eat.

I said once on instagram that the first thing I will do in Brazil, is go to the beach. Well it wasn’t completely the first thing, but I made sure it would be as soon as we could! First we had to finish some paperwork, but after that we could relaxt! We went to Praia Brava, which means ‘angry beach’ and that’s probably because of the wild waves. Those waves are great for surfing, a little less great for swimmers. First thing I noticed was the difference in bikinis. The bikini’s here are like small pieces of rope, but in the Netherlands it covers up a lot, haha! It’s normal in Brazil, every age and size wears those tiny bikini’s, they just don’t care and I think it’s wonderful. The Netherlands can learn a thing or two from this attitude: “every body is a bikini body”.  

Dance Dance Dance

Upcoming week will be about dancing! Wednesday I will have my first Flamenco class and Friday Felipe Meger will teach me Zouk. I also hope I can find a social dance party this weekend to attend. If you live in Curitiba and you wanna dance with me, please contact me!! 


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