Our Top 5 Dance Videos of 2018

by | Dec 16, 2018 | Dance

At the end of the year, I like to see what dance videos are still in my mind. There are countless dance videos that I love, so it was hard to choose our top 5. But I think I have made a pretty good list! 

1. Recovery by Janelle Ginestra and Tim Milgram

The theme addiction has been used before for dance videos, but this video caught my attention because of its setup. The lighting, the styling and expressions of the dancers are remarkable. It made me feel like I was right there with them. The dancers all looked like they were dancing out of personal experience and that is the power of storytelling and expressions. This dance video gives me goosebumps everytime I watch it.

Addiction is no joke. This choreography also, no joke! Very emotional

2. Princes Dance Battle by ScottDW

Making hilarious videos with original music, that is the speciality of ScottDW. He started his YouTube channel with flying cats and that jump-started his YouTube career. He is a multi-talent that surrounds himself by great dancers of all ages. The phrase “did you see that?” will never feel the same to you. You will know what I mean when you watch all his videos. 

3.  Project Home

Project Home consists our of a  team of talented people that definitely deserves more acknowledgement. the project Home is so beautifully made; every shot is thought through and all dancers are on point. Big names like Mari are part of Home. They have raised the money for making this video via Kickstarter and it is worth your attention!

4. No Excuses by Meghan Trainor

I love this dance video because of the attitude of the dancers and the location is gorgeous. It is a feelgood choreography with a femme fatale edge. Having an official dance video for musicians is getting more and more popular and we just can’t get enough!

5. Passenger Side by Phillip Chbeeb

The first time we saw him dancing in a video was the one in a metro station. From that moment on, we kept on following his creative masterpieces on YouTube. Phillip does not sit still. One of his latest videos is a great concept that makes you want to go on an epic dance road trip yourself. If you say yes to that; why not go on one of our trips?


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