Our faces in a magazine

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Blog

“I’m proud of my husband, because he moved to another country and had to start all over, learn to speak and write in English and leave all family behind. He never gives up and is super ambitious. I love him for it!” 

A day of pampering 

On a Facebook page they were asking for wives that are proud of their husband for a journal piece in a magazine. I replied with the story of Jairo and me. I didn’t think we would be chosen and I also didn’t know what it would actually be about. They chose us! They sent more information via email and a complete schedule for the day.  It was much bigger then I thought! I thought it would just be a small quote or something but we had to go to Amsterdam to the head office of De Telegraaf for a photo shoot and an interview.

Curly curlssss. 

When we arrived at the head office, we were send to the hair and make-up department to get our hair fixed and make-up done. I always wanted really small tiny curls and that’s exactly what they had in mind for me, so I felt like a princess! Via email I could already tell them what kind of clothes I wanted to see Jairo in. I like the style Jairo always has, so it’s not completely different than what he normally wears. And he felt comfortable in the clothes. 

The photoshoot was super fun. The photographer was very kind and loving. She put some music on and we were allowed to dance and just be free!  

The end result 

We received the magazine in January and below you’ll find the result. The interview itself was very relaxed. We talked about how we met, what I like about Jairo, what we have in mind for the future. 


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