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by | Jan 22, 2020 | Dance, Travel

Moving to Brazil; time for a vlog, don’t you think!?

A new adventure

As you know, I am married to Jairo and he is Brazilian. I met him here in the Netherlands 4 years ago and since then we are inseparable. He has been studying at the TuDelft to become a PhD. And now he has to go back to Brazil to share his knowledge. For me definitely not a punishment, although I will be leaving my family and friends behind for at least four years. 

Soon we will be on our way to Brazil!

What will I do?

Moving to another country means I need to start over. For Jairo, it will be easier to adjust, which is normal of course. I will not rush into things and take my time to discover the country, culture and language. I don’t know if the things I have been doing here, like Zumba and Salsa solo, will also work in Brazil. I need to be there to see what my possibilities are. First things first; learn the language! Jairo and I already speak in Portuguese, but I wanna be able to have proper conversations with anyone. So I will definitely do a crash course. 


A friend of mine asked me: “why don’t you start vlogging about your adventures in Brazil?” So I started thinking about what would I like to vlog about? I would not like to have a camera on my face 24/7, so my ‘normal life’ I would not like to document. However, I love dancing and travelling. So I am going to vlog about the following:

  • Dance challenges
  • Our travel experiences
  • Dance videos

Dance Challenges

I wanna experience as many different dance styles as possible. So I wanna attend workshops, private classes and events to make memories. But the biggest part of the vlog will be doing challenges. I will ask my followers or a dancer/choreographer to give me a challenge and I need to dare to do it. For example, I have asked for challenges on Instagram Stories. The result was a video with Jairo doing Forró. I mostly make these vlogs to look back at my dance memories and relive those moments. 

Our travels 

We love to explore a country and go the non-touristic routes. I will be documenting our travels and give some travel tips along the way. I can’t wait to travel around in Brazil and meet new people. Hopefully at some point we will be able to travel around South-America. You will be the first to know!

Dance Videos

We started Dance Nomads wanting to make dance videos of talented dancers. We will keep on doing that. For my vlog I will be dancing with those talented dancers. So on our Youtube channel Dance Nomads Videos you will find all videos we make without me. 

Follow me 

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